HK 55 and HKC 55 Circular Saws

HKC 55 saw from Festool available from NHS
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Mitre Quality Cuts on the Fly

Perfect for building and construction trades – Festool’s HK 55 Circular Saw and HKC 55 Cordless Circular Saws are lightweight and designed for fast and accurate ripping and trimming, cross-cutting rafters and beams with the unique FSK Rail plus the added functionality of plunge cuts. No longer do you need to take the work piece to the tool, now you can take the tool to the work piece.

The HK Circular Saws demonstrate versatility in timber construction with a powerful high-torque motor for maximum sawing power and rapid work progress, the HK 55 has been designed for universal use in the workshop, on the construction site and for assembly. The HKC 55 Cordless version operates on Festool 18V battery platform for high performance and long run time.

Festool’s FSK Guide Rail really sets these saw apart and allows users to make mitre quality cuts on the fly. A rubber spring, which is integrated in the cross cutting guide rail, automatically springs the saw back to the starting position. This allows fast cross cutting with repeat accuracy on the job site. You will be amazed at how faster, easy and accurate these saws can be.

Available in corded and cordless versions, this will be your new go to saw.