HIA launch Making space on site initiative

HIA Industry Update for NHS
Approx read time: 2 minutes

I’m pleased to provide you with an update on the HIA Making space on site initiative that we launched in March to assist home builders and trade contractors manage the risk of COVID-19 on their sites.

The initiative now includes two guidelines – for new home sites and for renovation and repair projects. These are available in five languages (English, Korean, Chinese-Mandarin, Vietnamese and Hindi) and are now supported by a Homeowner’s guide and a Site Induction Tool.

The site induction tool offers access to a QR code which links to a tailored COVID-19 site induction based on the two Making space guidelines. It can be added to a company’s existing safety practices.

The site induction uses the HIA Safescan QR code to provide builders and trades with a contactless way to manage site inductions. Builders can access the QR code online and place this on site or in information sent to your contractors. 

Contractors can scan the QR code and complete the site induction and return a copy to the builder for record keeping. 

All of the guidance materials, including the site induction QR code, has been made freely available to the building industry via HIA’s website.

HIA has also released the Making space on site: homeowners guide. The Guide provides a way for builders and trade contractors to show their customers that building work can still proceed and that they are taking the steps needed to prevent COVID-19.

More Making space on site tools will be released shortly to support home builders keep their sites open and deliver new homes and renovation projects. 

HIA has made the COVID-19 resources available online at no cost to provide a simple tool for everyone in the industry. To see the latest updates on COVID-19 and help manage your business needs visit HIA’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage

If you require any further assistance or would like additional information contact a HIA Workplace Advisor on 1300 650 620.

Craig Jennion
HIA Executive Director – Hunter