Glue-Laminated Timber from Hyne Timber

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Glue-laminated timber beams (Glulam) are ideal for long span or high load applications, where timber is the preferred material. With longer spans than steel, no corrosion issues in seaside locations and the ability to cut / nail / screw / glue (meaning no 3rd party contractors on site), glulam has been a proven performer for Aussie builders for decades.

Glulam is made from solid timber laminates approx 30 – 40mm thick, strategically arranged to provide structural grades. The laminates are glued together under very high pressure to produce a straight, cambered or curved beam profile. Once cured, beams are finished to either ‘structural’ or ‘select’ visual appearance grades.

Hyne Timber is Australia’s largest producer of glulam products with over 35 years’ experience. They stock a broad range of standard shapes, sizes and structural grades – but also manufacture custom shapes and sizes to order.

All Hyne Timber Glulam products are made from sustainable, Australian grown AFS / PEFC certified resources.

FREE Timber Design Software

Hyne also have a timber design software package available that is free to use, that can calculate and compare the spans for a wide range of timber products. It is free to download at

Hyne Timber LGL

  • A ‘solid wood’ alternative to LVL beams (fewer laminations = nail holding and durability)
  • H3 treated for outdoor durability as standard
  • ‘Structural’ appearance grade only (some surface checks etc)
  • Range of sizes and lengths up to 12m
  • An honest, lower cost yet versatile glulam beam option
  • Ideal for Outdoor lintels, bearers, beams, joists and rafters

Hyne Timber Beam 17

  • The all-rounder; suitable for just about any long-span / high load application
  • Broad range of sizes and treatment options available (untreated, H2 or H3)
  • Available straight, cambered (to 600m radius) or curved (down to 5m radius) on application
  • Structural or ‘appearance’ grade surface finish options
  • Lightweight when compared with steel and hardwood beams
  • Benefit for builder: save money over using steel and no additional subcontractors on site
  • Ideal for:
    – Lintels over large window and door openings
    – Roof beams spanning long distances
    – Portal frame structures

Hyne Timber Beam 21

  • Made to order with Durability Class 1 timber species (Spotted Gum or Forest Reds)
  • Spotted gum is naturally termite and fire resistant (to BAL-29)
  • Amazing strength properties (MOE = 21,000)
  • Available straight, cambered (to 600m radius) or curved (down to 5m radius)
  • Structural or ‘appearance’ grade surface finish options
  • Benefit for builder: longer spans than steel and a deep, rich aesthetic that only exotic Australian hardwood can provide
  • Ideal for:
    – Exposed beams, columns, blades and portal frames
    – Timber structures in harsh or bush-fire prone environments
    – Ultra high load or long span structural requirements

Frequently Asked Question’s

Where can I use glulam beams?
Indoors and out. Think garage doors, lintels, deck joists and bearers.
LGL comes H3 treated as standard, and Beam 17 is available untreated, H2 or H3 treated. Beam 21 is a naturally durable, naturally termite and fire resistant (BAL-29 rated) product. However, Beam 18 can only be used indoors, above ground.

What does it do?
Glue-laminated timber provides an environmentally sustainable and easy-to-use alternative to steel and LVL structural beams in long span / high load applications.

What makes it strong?
Our unique glue-lamination process. Mechanically Graded Pine (MGP) sections are meticulously arranged, pressed and heat treated to form a gravity-defying bond.
Beam 17 is available with hidden steel reinforcing, for when extra structural brawn is required, while Beam 21 is produced from ultra dense hardwood providing unique strength characteristics.

Can it hold the same load as a steel beam?
Yes. Timber has a great strength-to-weight ratio and can easily be used to substitute steel with the help of Hyne Timber’s Design 7.5 software.

Is it as reliable as a steel beam?
Yes. Both steel and timber beams need to be specified, installed and maintained correctly to remain fit for purpose for the design life of the structure.
Europe and Asia have many examples of historic timber buildings remaining structurally sound after hundreds – even thousands of years.

Don’t pine laminated beams have durability issues?
No. Timber is a durable building material when designed, installed and maintained appropriately. Modern wood preservatives also significantly enhance natural durability of wood.

Are Glulam beams available curved?
Yes. Available by request, our beams can be curved down to a 5 metre radius.


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