Get a Handle on Fire & Disabled Access Door Hardware

Approx read time: 2 minutes

The Gainsborough Architectural Hardware range is an impressive collection of door hardware products, designed to meet the needs of today’s commercial building activity. Manufactured to the highest standards, the Architectural range features a variety of popular and aesthetic finishes. Specifically, the range meets or exceeds many requirements for building projects that need to comply with the following standards for Fire or Disabled access.

AS1095.1 For Fire rated doors and AS11428.1 for disabled Access.

If you’re building a Child Care Centre, Retirement Village, Commercial retail space, Multi-Story, Multi residential Apartments or similar style building, the chances are, you will need door hardware to meet those standards. If you’re building in a bushfire area with BAL ratings the above product ranges are also very relevant.

For fire doors there is a range of Mortice locks, Electric Strikes, Key in Levers, pull handles in both stainless steel or traditional Satin or bright chrome finishes. Matching internal door hardware also completes the look.

Gainsborough also produces the full range of Austral security door products right here in Australia. These products can be keyed to the job so you can offer your clients a “One Key Home”
Additionally, Gainsborough is a proud distributor of Lorient Seals for specific requirements around Fire rating, Acoustic, Weather and Smoke.

Gainsborough also offers a full range of special keying options from Master keying, project keying and even restricted key systems for the ultimate in security.

Gainsborough is committed to producing the finest quality products possible with full ISO9001:2000 accreditation. As always, with specific requirements, the best thing you can do is talk to the experts to get it right. Gainsborough offers a FREE scheduling service, and combined with their exclusive Door by Door packaging option they can ensure your project runs smoothly saving you time, stress and money.

Talk to NHS to begin the process of ensuring you have the right solution for your next commercial project. We will engage Gainsborough to meet with you and discuss the project in detail, sample products can be arranged also.