Fraudulent Activity Warning from Westpac

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We have recently been notified by Westpac that they have had 2 large clients on the NSW North Coast (both in construction) targeted by fraudsters in the past week or so.

In both scenarios their client’s customer has been called and told that the suppliers bank account details ‘had changed’ and provided with new account details. Luckily in both instances the person receiving the phone call was suspicious and requested written confirmation (which they received on a replica letterhead) but were still suspicious and so called their supplier to verbally confirm (at which time it was revealed to be a scam).

It appears the fraudsters are getting the information from business websites or directly from signage on job sites.

Westpac’s top 3 tips to avoid falling victim to this scam

  1. Never make changes to supplier bank account information without verbal and written confirmation from a trusted person at the supplier.
  2. Never use the contact details or links provided in emails. Only use contact details from trusted sources such as phone books, invoices, statements, or company website.
  3. Share this information with your management and staff to keep them informed about these types of security threats and provide guidance on how to deal with scam emails.

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NHS’s bank account details have not changed, and we have no plan to do so.