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Festool sander available from NHS
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The random orbit sander ETS EC 150 from Festool

The Festool random orbit sander ETS EC 150, makes sanding smooth, as well as durable and comfortable: whether it is overhead work or sanding edges, strips or panels. The combination of a compact design and clever ergonomics, as well as an abundance of safety and comfort aspects, make the random orbit sander ETS EC unbeatable in the world of sanding.

The sander is built into the hand and from the initial contact it is clear that everything fits. Its compact design is particularly noticeable when sanding smaller areas, edges or narrow strips. Thanks to the high-performance EC-TEC motor technology, the one-handed sander is smaller, lighter and more compact than sanders with carbon brushes. Applications along vertical surfaces or overhead work are easily carried out by hand. With its brushless motor, the ETS EC is extremely robust and wear-free and saves the annoying replacement of carbon brushes.

The ETS EC achieves the optimal smooth running through ideal balancing in combination with the FUSION-TEC sanding pad. Even if the vibration values become too high during an application, the “Vibration Control System” actively intervenes to reduce the speed. This also protects the user and the work material.

Festool has also developed a suction hose. The robust protective covering covers the suction hose and allows it to glide over surfaces and edges without causing any damage. It is smooth and, in addition to the optimal protection of the surfaces, it ensures significantly improved handling. The hose is also anti-static and protects the integrated plug-it cable against damage.

This is only one of the many sanders that Festool can offer in helping you work through your sanding tasks. Drop into NHS to see the Festool sanding range in action. Or visit www.festool.com.au for further information.