Festool 4 Schools Program

Festool 4 Schools at NHS
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NHS are now a part of the Festool 4 Schools program that has been designed to provide schools, colleges and TAFE’s all around Australia with access to tools that make both learning and teaching FASTER, EASIER and SAFER.

Tailored education program

Together with our Specialised Partner dealers we can offer a system solution where schools receive special ongoing discounts to support your budget.

Training for teachers and students

We appreciate that training on the products you purchase is important for implementation therefore we offer training with a Festool Specialist on all products purchased.

Demonstrations and try before you buy

Our free product demonstrations revolve around the safety of our products and no obligation. Tools can also be left with you to try at your convenience.

Assurance of safety for your students

Festool power tools feature an integrated system of design, that allows them to work together more efficiently and effectively with health and safety always in mind. Festool complies with the Occupational Exposure Standard and certain tools partnered with dust extraction meets regulations for use without dust masks. This shows Festool is the healthiest solution for teachers and students.

To find out more information, simply go to festool4schools.com.au.