Features & Benefits of Woodhouse Edgeline mouldings

NHS Woodhouse Mouldings
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Woodhouse EdgeLine® mouldings present a premium choice when determining the right fix-out option for your project. By selecting the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range you can be confident that the choice of mouldings will meet your project needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory coated with an Acrylic White Primer that accepts premium interior topcoats with ease
  • Dual Coat Premium finish and ready for top coating following installation – check our painting guide in the Product Literature section for details on selecting decorative paints to finish your project
  • Manufactured to meet the requirements of an Internal fix out moulding for the trade, commercial and DIY markets
  • Sustainable plantation Radiata Pine used in the production of all mouldings in the range
  • By preparing the mouldings surface and then applying a Dual Coat Primer finish, defects such as visible grain and finger joints are significantly minimised permitting a quality finish after topcoating
  • Standard length available in 5.4 metres lengths
  • Competitive interior fix out moulding – a premium finish means less preparation time for the painting trades and the opportunity to finish with 2 premium topcoats, saving time and cost
  • Contemporary and traditional profiles to cater for different market needs with options to satisfy most end user requirements
  • Commercial application ready with straight-line profiles available as standard range items – project driven profiles are a consistent stock item and available through our resellers

Dual Coat Primer System

All Woodhouse EdgeLine® mouldings have been manufactured with a Dual Coat White Acrylic Primer, presenting a premium moulding that is ready for installation and final finishing.

The Dual Coat finish addresses many of the issues that can occur with raw un-primed mouldings. These can include the presence of visible finger joint lines or the occurrence of raised grain on the moulding surface after painting. These problems are all managed with the dual coat primer that provides a consistent finish on the complete range.

The application of a multi-coat system that includes a base coat, acrylic primers and sanding/buffing in between coats, allows the creation of a quality finish on completion.

If you are a tradesman on site where speed of installation and painting timelines are critical, or a DIYer at home, finishing of that project selecting the Woodhouse EdgeLine® range as your moulding choice ensures a quality finish every time.