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Manufactured from plantation timber veneers and assembled in a predefined pattern to be lighter, edgeFORM is straighter and more uniform than traditional alternatives.

Suitable for edge boards in concrete formwork framing projects and boxing for residential slabs.


  • Arrised and painted red for moisture protection and easy on-site identification
  • Straight and true sections – Easier to install and less prone to twisting and cupping
  • Lightweight and versatile – Faster to install than traditional alternatives

In stock at NHS Cardiff & Beresfield:

  • 100 x 36mm edgeFORM 6m
  • 150 x 36mm edgeFORM 6m
  • 170 x 36mm edgeFORM 6m

Also available by special order from all stores:

  • 200 x 36mm edgeFORM 6m
  • 240 x 36mm edgeFORM 6m
  • 300 x 36mm edgeFORM 6m


Also in stock at NHS Cardiff:

  • 95 x 65mm Truform 6m

Or by special order from all stores:

  • 95 x 47mm – 6.0m
  • 95 x 65mm – 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m
  • 150 x 77mm – 4.8m, 6.0m