Duralife Composite Decking

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Whether you’re replacing an old deck or building a new one, DuraLife has an option to suit. 

DuraLife’s Unique Polypropylene & Hardwood Composite is one of the strongest performers in the Composite & PVC Decking products market. Its PolyPro Advantage minimizes sagging & flex between joists, allowing for up to 550mm spans; improves overall aesthetics and structural integrity.

It’s just one of the many options of Composite Decking we have available at NHS. Its also on display at NHS Beresfield!

Unmatched Strength

DuraLife™ decking minimizes sagging & flex between joists; improves overall aesthetics and structural integrity.

Safe & Stable

More solid under foot for added safety; less slippery, even when wet.

Stain & Fade Resistant

Co-extruded polypropylene outer shell resists everyday spills and normal wear & tear – meaning you can simply wipe and wash clean every time. UV inhibitors provide added colour retention. DuraLife also has an impressive Warranty against stain and fade.

Mould & Mildew Resistant

Resistance to mould & mildew growth; improves aesthetics and safety, with little maintenance.

Moisture & Thermal Resistant

Excellent moisture and thermal resistance; minimizes problems commonly associated with expansion and contraction.

Choice of colours

Available in an array of beautiful colours; allows you to customize your own outdoor living environment.

Clean & Pristine

Only Duralife adds a protective film sheet to every deck board we manufacture to keep it clean and protected during shipment and storage. This value-added feature ensures our deck boards are in perfect condition when they arrive on site.

25 Year Warranty

The 25 year limited stain and fade warranty provided with every DuraLife™ installation means you are covered comprehensively and for the life of the product. DuraLife™ does not degrade over time. 
It also includes 5 years of replacement labour.

DuraLife MVP Decking

Maximum value and performance

  • Maximizes value and performance
  • 4 Hardwood colour options
  • Hidden fastener system
  • Pre-Loaded fastener clip for speedy installation
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • 450mm span
  • Polypropylene strength

Ultra Siesta Collection (Subject to Availability)

Hardwood blends

  • Variegated
  • Non-Repeating Wood Grain Pattern
  • 4 Hardwood Colour options
  • Hidden Fastener System
  • Pre-Loaded Fastener Clip For Speedy Installation
  • Ultra-Low Maintenance
  • 550mm Span
  • Polypropylene Strength

Starter Board

Perimeter and stair

When using a “picture frame” installation technique, the Starter profile works together with the MVP profile to hide the exposed edges of the deck boards to create a clean and professional appearance.

SpecificationsDuraLife MVP HardwoodsStarter BoardDuraLife Ultra Siesta
Profile typeDouble GroovedSingle GroovedDouble grooved
MaterialPolypropylene & Hardwood CompositePolypropylene & Hardwood Composite
Polypropylene & Hardwood Composite
Capped surfaceYesYesYes
Available lengths5.4m5.4m6.1m
Dimensions138mm wide x 23mm thick138mm wide x 23mm thick
138mm wide x 23mm thick
Weight2.3kg per metre3kg per metre
3kg per metre
Joist span450mm on-centre (90°)
300mm on-centre (45°)
550mm on-centre (90°)
400mm on-centre (45°) 
550mm on-centre (90°)
400mm on-centre (45°) 
Stair Tread Span300mm on-centre350mm on-centre350mm on-centre
ColoursBrazilian Cherry
Garapa Grey
Golden Teak
Tropical Walnut
Brazilian Cherry
Garapa Grey
Golden Teak
Tropical Walnut
Brazilian Cherry
Garapa Grey
Golden Teak
Tropical Walnut

25 year – including stain & fade
25 year – including stain & fade 25 year – including stain & fade
Grain (Hot Roll Emboss)
Wood grainWood grainWood grain
Fastening system
Fastenator® Hidden Fastening SystemFastenator® Hidden Fastening System Fastenator® Hidden Fastening System

Note, decking pictured is not the ‘Hardwood Blends’ available in Australia

Fastenator® Fixing System

  • Self space gaps between boards
  • No string line required
  • Half the fittings of traditional decks
  • Unique pre-loaded screw system saves you time and money


DuraLife StepClip

StepClip Fixing Systems

  • Self space gaps between boards
  • Damaged boards can be replaced with ease
  • Reduces decking installation time by up to 50%
  • No specialist tools required

DuraLife is available in only a few days from NHS by special order.