Don’t get caught out by this SCAM!

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From Westpac

Westpac has recently alerted us to the following scam which is targeting Australian businesses, including those in our industry. NHS has not changed bank account details for many years and we currently have no plans to do so.

Westpac advises…

Recently a number of fraudulent emails have been sent to account payables departments of Australian businesses asking to make changes to their suppliers bank account information.
These fraudulent emails typically contain an attachment(s) such as letters with signatures purporting to be from financial controllers in attempt to trick you into changing the account details.

Our top 3 tips to avoid falling victim to this scam:

  1. Never make changes to payee information requested via email without verbal confirmation from a trusted person.
  2. Never use the contact details or links provided in the request. Only use contact details from trusted sources such as phone book or company website.
  3. Share this information with your management and staff to keep them informed about these types of security threats and provide guidance on how to deal with scam emails.

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