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Invented by a fellow Novacastrian (and tradie), Pete Haas, Decktec was created to make laying a deck even easier and save time.

Through his experience and understanding of the behaviour of timber in varying climates, Pete knew he needed to engineer a solution that provided perfect board spacing, without jeopardising the ability for boards to expand and contract in moist and humid conditions.

That’s where Decktec came along!

How does it work?

Laying a deck with Decktec is a matter of simply placing boards in the prepositioned spacings. Here’s the steps on how to use Decktec

Benefits for the tradie

  • Save time – save money!
    Reduces your labour time by more than 50%! 
  • One single set out
    Set your first strip of Decktec with a string or laser and that’s it! No more string line or laser! Two clouts in each strip is sufficient to position the DeckStrip. These clouts are prepositioned in a sunken recess, so you’re guaranteed not to foul with your decking screws above.
  • Know exactly where you’ll start and finish
    You will know exactly where your decking boards start and finish.
    Now the leading hand may move onto the construction of another project.
  • Spend less time kneeling
    Spend less time on your knees with Decktec. No more wedges, chisels, clamps. Simply set out and lay boards
  • From the initial set out, simply butt the remaining strips until the entire surface is covered.
  • Build around objects
    Decktec allows you to set-out around objects such as pools, spas, trees etc. knowing after each side has been laid, the meeting board will align straight with perfect gaps every time.
  • Work from multiple positions
    Decktec’s propositioned spacers now allow for any number of people to start at multiple positions with the reassurance they will always meet with perfect spacings.
  • Straight screw lines
    With the unique stand up packer you will easily identify the centre of the joist for a perfect screw alignment on the decks surface
  • Removable spacers
    With every second spacer designed to be removable, your boards with never bind or cup
  • No more progressive straightening
    There is no need to check for progressive straightness and tweak those boards back to straight. Decktec self corrects with every pair of boards set down.
  • Allows for expansion
    With Decktec’s patented spacing design, the fixed spacing provides a 2mm provision for expansion, while the taller spacer allows for those climate affected boards which may have swelled up to 1.5mm. Once the boards are secured, the taller spacer is easily removed allowing 5mm for expansion.
  • Subframe protection
    In addition to the ease and efficiency of laying a deck, the subframe is completely protected from water and grime accumulating on the timbers which would normally lead to deterioration and rot.

Features of the 90mm Decktec strip

  • Each box of Decktec comes with 75 x 25mm clouts and 20 weatherproof Joining Pads.
  • 1140mm in Length to accommodate 12 x 90mm decking boards
  • Suitable for joists up to 50mm wide
  • Winged edges to deflect grit and water
  • Manufactured using 100% recycled material
  • UV stabilised
  • Strong durable, though easily removable spacers
  • Recessed nail locators
  • Raised ridges on fixed spacers, to penetrate timber up to 1mm with lateral expansion in damp and humid conditions
  • Australian Design, Australian Patent, Australian Owned, Australian manufactured
  • Lightweight and durable
  • COMING IN 2019! 86,140mm decking board versions are coming soon.

Decktec is now in stock at NHS!