Changes to Complying development code announced

HIA Industry Update for NHS
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NSW Housing Code changes announced on 22 September will allow greater use of complying development for new homes and reinstate the previous standards for floor space ratios, landscaped
areas and eaves in front setbacks.

The changes have been made to the Code SEPP to address concerns raised by HIA members affected by the repeal of the General Housing Code in July this year.

Under the changes made in July, many homes which were complying development became non-compliant and have been forced to lodge development applications.

The changes have reversed these unintended consequences and are a welcome move by the Government.

The changes come into effect on 22 September through a savings clause which will continue the provisions of the former General Housing Code that applied until 13 July 2017. The saved provisions are now known as the Transitional Housing Code.

If you have any questions in relation to these changes or which Code applies to a project you are currently work on, please do not hesitate to contact Troy Loveday or Brad Armitage on 9978 3333 or