BASIX – Pre-July target access available this month

HIA Industry Update for NHS
Approx read time: 1 minute

The Department of Planning and Environment has announced that

“From 6 October 2017, applicants can log into their BASIX accounts to apply for the transitional arrangements online. The online process will reduce processing time and allow applicants instant access to the pre-July 2017 BASIX targets for eligible projects”.

This new process for accessing the pre-July targets will mean that eligible applicants will receive instant access to the pre-July targets within their BASIX account.

HIA has also been assured that the existing process will remain available for those who may prefer it. HIA will release further details on this new process and how members can use the new provisions as soon as this information becomes available next week.

If you have any questions in relation to this update, please do not hesitate to contact Troy Loveday or Brad Armitage on 9978 3333 or