Anchormark Timber to Metal Decking Screws

Approx read time: 1 minute

“No pre drilling, barefoot proof finish every time”

Our friends at Anchormark have developed a 316 / A4 stainless bimetal self drilling screw that will make fixing hardwood to steel under construction quick and easy in the harshest environments without the need to pre drill.

More and more decks are being built with steel under construction. Especially in fire affected areas or around the water. The SERIES 2 Timber to Metal (TTM) screws are designed for such applications.

The new SIT20 driver bit is included in every box.  The SIT20 driver bit allows for optimum torque transmission, and is snug fitting and fast cantering, without the hassles of stripping.

The 5.5mm (12 gauge) screw has a reduced 10 gauge flat head that sinks cleanly and neatly into the timber achieving a barefoot proof finish.

Available in two lengths, 45mm (in stock) and 70mm (by special order). Designed for box span thickness ranging from 1.25mm – 3mm and timber thickness up to 30mm and 50mm respectively. 

Independent testing with included safety factors offer 1kN pull out or tensile strength and 4kN shear capacity per fixing point. Resulting in extreme hold down capabilities. 

For best results it is recommended to use a drill for installation. Avoid Impact drivers or hammer function for driving in screws. 

Sit® drive

  • Optimum torque transmission
  • Tight and snug fit
  • TX20 compatible

Step/washer head for barefoot proof finish

  • Promotes a clean and neat finish
  • Discreet and subtle appearance
  • Unique look

Steel tip with stainless steel 316/A4 body

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Additional zinc coating to protect tip
  • For outdoor use and close to water applications

Sheet-metal thread

  • Reduced setting torque due to anti-friction coating 316 Stainless Body

Wing Type Drill Tip

  • Wings to cut clearance hole
  • For steel thickness 1.25 – 3.0 mm
  • Faster drilling, optimised for hardwood