AnchorMark Series 2 Stainless Steel Decking Screws

Approx read time: 2 minutes

“Hassle free, barefoot finish”

Having issues with decking screws snapping or stripping? Would you like a barefoot proof finish with minimal fuss?

Our friends at Anchormark have launched the next generation of stainless decking screws – the Series 2 (S2). 

The S2 decking screw looks amazing in the timber. It has a flat, smaller head that without predrilling, burs the timber significantly less than the Series 1 screws (does not burr in many species). It drills into the timber 30% faster – reducing labour costs for installation. Due to their strength, one of the longer term advantages of the screw is that in the future, when the deck needs to be sanded and oiled, the screws can be tightened so the sander does not rip the heads off.

The driver bit has been upgraded from Torx to a SIT bit. The SIT drive provides a firmer grip, optimum torque transmission and centering. The screw does not wobble when you are driving it in.

Improvements have been made to the tip and shaft of the screw. The pyramid shape tip turns the timber into sawdust instead of strings which reduce the risk of splitting and burring. The shaft has an aggressive shank which holds the decking board down the length of the shaft allowing for a smaller head without increasing the risk of the board “popping”.

Like all AnchorMark screws, the highest quality wire is purchased, so you can be guaranteed that the 304 and 316 stainless is the best quality available.

The S2 screws are available in 3 finishes. Standard stainless, black and bronze (vintage) that is designed to blend in with the darker hardwoods.

For best results pre drilling maybe required in some timbers and the ends of the boards.

A demonstration video comparing series 1 and series 2 screws into Spotted Gum hardwood can be seen in this video below.

Available now at all NHS stores or online