Adjustable Joist Support – KlevaKlip

Approx read time: 1 minute

As many houses these days are built on concrete slabs, there is often a shortage of height available to build a regular decking substructure of stumps, bearers and joists etc. Indeed, many houses have a slab for a patio area set down only approx 100mm below the height of the main housing slab. Fixing timber battens directly to concrete slabs is regarded as a poor building practice due the moisture uptake into the batten which will rot out the batten way before its normal lifespan. This scenario has made it very difficult for people to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of having a timber deck at their doorstep.

KlevaKlip have released the Adjustable Joist Support. This product, the only one of its type on the market, not only lifts the joists off the concrete, but allows you to adjust the “top of joist height” from 80mm (using 60mm length bolts + 70 x 45mm joists) to 170mm (using 120mm length bolts + 90 x 45mm joists).

It is simple to install – see and can be used with suitably treated timber joists with a width of 45mm, and minimum height of 70mm.

Note: Hardwood joists should be screwed to the joist hanger rather than nailed.

Available from NHS in store or online.