Abey’s Sheriff Face Fixing Brick Ties and the Masonry Corrosion Zones

Approx read time: 2 minutes

The Masonry Durability Exposure Map represents an indication of corrosion zones within a coastal environment. As a general rule, the closer the dwelling is located to the sea, the more corrosive the environment, and the greater the level of corrosion resistance, steel based products need to provide.

Australian studies have shown that salt fallout from the ocean can carry in land in excess of 30 kilometres. Coated sheet steel and strip steel building products, such as brick ties, should be selected based on the distance of the structure from the coast and whether that coast opens to a sheltered bay or clear ocean. As can be seen in the case of close proximity to severe marine environment, coated steel products should not be used and Marine Grade Stainless Steel is the only option, as it offers the correct level of corrosion resistance. Coated steel products just do not offer sufficient long-term protection. (Please refer to appropriate AS/NZS Building Standards for the products being installed).

Abey’s Sheriff Face Fixing Ties have been designed to conform to the Masonry Durability Corrosion Zone requirements with a range of R2 Galvanised, R3 304L and R4 316L Stainless Steel Ties. All of their ties are Made in Australia and conform to stringent Australian Standards AS2699 and AS3700. The Ties allow for timber shrinkage and brick growth that can occur in Australian construction. The shanks are also narrow so that any mortar that drops down the cavity does not stick to it. They are also available as a side fixing Tie.

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