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The 1989, the Newcastle earthquake was a wake-up call for Australian building practices. Killing 13 people, with devastation effecting 10,000 buildings, at a damage bill of over one billion dollars.

The majority of damage was to unreinforced masonry, resulting from poor building practices, inferior building materials, bad planning and ignorance of masonry behavior. The performance of brick ties was highlighted as being one of the main contributing factors.

ABEY designers heeded the lessons from Newcastle and developed a new range of brick ties that dramatically improved the integrity of masonry walls and make walls easier and less expensive to construct.

Abeys Sheriff ties were one of the first in a raft of exciting new innovations that bought about dramatic changes to our building codes, providing safer masonry building practices.

Innovations such as the use of superior designs, materials and coatings that cope with the stresses of masonry behavior and differing environments. The use of 316 stainless steel eradicated the potential of rust in highly corrosive seaside environments, changed the way the industry now operates.

100% Australian designed and made, Abey are the innovators in masonry anchors. Proudly an Australian manufacturer that supports our industry.

If you have any questions about best building practices, feel free to chat to any of our team to assist.

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