Pre Primed Timber Products – are they different?

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What do all the colours mean?

Exterior pre primed timber products have been cladding homes or building pergolas in Australia for many years.
With a lot of information out in the market, it can get confusing to differentiate all your options. Here Design Pine discuss their product.

Exterior Pre Primed products

Traditionally exterior pre primed products were available in pink with a very limited product range, this mainly being fascia and posts. From this point the product range has grown along with the number of manufacturers in New Zealand, Australia and around the globe.

ITI took some initiative to develop a product that offers benefits to both the builder and the home owner. After years of development Design Pine was born and a baby blue primer entered the market to indicate there is something different about it, not only the colour. Design Pine was the first product to offer a genuine primer pre applied to exterior grade timbers. This new primer technology gave a surface which could be directly top coated with quality exterior paints creating an easy to install and finish.

Design Pine primer technology is unique as it is free of chalk and offers a moisture management system with cool colour technology. Being chalk free allows builders to leave Design Pine products exposed to the weather for up to 3 months prior to a paint application.

What’s under the Primer?

The wood fibre underneath the primer is derived from plantation grown Radiata Pine with most being FSC certified. All Design Pine products are impregnated with an organic preservation system to give long term performance against the onset of decay or insect attack.

Finger joint and lamination technology is utilised to create a diverse range of Design Pine products including weatherboards, posts, fascia and trims. This time proven method utilises exterior grade adhesives (SC3) and exceeds all Australian Standards requirements. Given confidence no short cuts are taken throughout the manufacturing process.

Design Pine has a range of products, from 7.2m long weatherboards, a range of eaves linings or structural beams and posts. See for more info.

NEW! Design Pine Pencil Round & Half Splay

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Pencil Round:

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  • 66×18
  • 90×18

Half Splay:

  • 66×18
  • 90×18

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