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Australian homes are often under insulated from our harsh climate.

Bradford Insuation manufactures and markets a range of insulation for roofs (Anticon), ceilings, walls (inclusive Gold batts and polymax ) and floors (like Optimo underfloor) which help reduce heat transfer, as well as SoundScreen acoustic insulation to help reduce sound transfer and compartmentalise sound created within the home.

Bradford’s FireSeal range is also used in PartiWall applications and in homes needing to comply with BAL (Bushfire Alert Level) requirements to minimise risk from ember attack.

Bradford’s Thermoseal range of sarkings and wall wraps includes breather foils and ProctorWrap that help contribute with reflective insulation benefits as well as reducing air leakage and adding a second skin of protection to homes.

Living in a house that is difficult to cool in summer or to keep warm in winter is frustrating and can cost a lot of money. Similarly a house that is noisy can disrupt the harmony within your own home and can lead to lack of sleep or increased stress.

A well insulated home can stop up to 70% of heat flow through the ceiling, walls and floors.

Creating a comfortable home that is energy efficient begins at the design phase with the style of home, size of living spaces, orientation, size of windows, shading and so many other factors.

owever, there are other ways of incorporating energy efficient measures into your home to create a comfortable living environment that won’t cost the earth.

Acoustics is another area that can affect the liveability of your home. If you’ve ever lived in a home where you can hear the noise from the kids bedroom or the rumblings of the washing machine then you know how important it is to reduce noise entering rooms from other spaces.

For a relatively small cost, Bradford’s acoustic insulation product, SoundScreen, can help reduce sound power by up to 75%. SoundScreen is ideal to use in internal walls, external walls or in the mid floor of double storey homes. Factoring in quiet zones in your home will have a long term benefit of improving the comfort and tranquillity.

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or wanting to improve your existing home Bradford has a range of products that will assist in creating a more comfortable energy efficient home.

radford has a range of ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation to suit different climate zones and stud sizes to keep the cool air inside in summer and warm air inside in winter.

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