How does sarking insulation work?

NHS HardieWrap
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Understanding sarking insulation

Anyone new to home building or renovations will know that starting out on this path can be daunting. For the rookie builder and the amateur DIY specialist, there is an enormous learning curve full of building jargon, legal obligations and managing your financial risks. Any mistake feels like it has the potential to bankrupt your project or place it on hold permanently.

When planning a new build or renovation the most important and most confusing element of your project is likely to include the question of insulation. Building insulation is more than just keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer and there are a lot of products and techniques out there.

To ensure your home is fortified against anything Mother Nature can throw at it, talk to your contractor about sarking insulation and invest in a weather barrier.

HardieWrap™ weather barrier is designed to be used in wall and gable applications behind James Hardie®, Scyon™ and other external cladding products to help protect your building.

It delivers a triple-shield of protection to help against external weather penetration, internal condensation build-up and external heat penetration.

With HardieWrap™ weather barrier you can expect it to be lighter and easier to cut compared to many other foil wall barriers and help you save on other insulation costs because its safe-glare reflective^ surface can improve your wall thermal performance by up to R0.7 m2 K/W without the need to upgrade bulk insulation.

HardieWrap™ weather barrier is also fire and bushfire compliant due to its low flammability ensuring it’s suitable for all bushfire areas in accordance with AS 3959 – 2009.

For a reliable and simple sarking solution, contact NHS now or shop online.